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Imagine your production ...

without losses in carnallite

Our Approach

Global demand for lithium is exploding with the expected development of electric vehicles and batteries for energy storage, and producers need to anticipate.

There are many solutions and GEOLITH offers Lithium producers :

  • To double their current production by increasing the extraction efficiency thanks to its Li-Mag process.

  • Access new resources (often less favourable) thanks to its Li-Capt process (coming soon).


Our Technology

In the current process of extracting lithium from salars brines (which account for more than 2/3 of global reserves) more than 50% of lithium is lost as a carnallite precipitate.

The GEOLITH Li-Mag process extracts magnesium (and calcium) from the brine without loss of lithium, and thus a doubling of lithium production.


Our Benefits

Doubles lithium production from existing assets

x 2

Doubles your reserves

x 2

Reduces environnemental impact

Reduces production cost

Small footprint : compact and scalable equipment

Rapidity :

process duration

in hours vs. year

Our Company

GEOLITH was founded in 2016 by Jean-Philippe GIBAUD, an engineer, with more than 35 years of experience in mining, oil & gas and water treatment. He was joined in 2017 by Didier MUSCHALLE as a partner, bringing his expertise in the construction and maintenance of industrial installations.

GEOLITH is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions, in particular:

  • Global Innovation Competition organized by BPI France in 2016,

  • Total Regional Development in 2018

  • WILCO in 2018

GEOLITH is located in the heart of the Saclay Plateau (20 km south of Paris) with the largest concentration of research and university centres in Europe and close to many of its partners.

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91400 Orsay – FRANCE

Email: contact@geolith.fr

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